Companies and Factories

Companies and factories: we put at your disposal a staff, material and product of appropriate quality for the cleaning of your factory. We proceed to;

  • - High-level cleaning of the frames / cladding: the cleaning of the frame and cladding is done according to a pre-established protocol upstream. Our technical department identifies the type of dirt (grease, dust ...), the technical constraints (height, safety ...) in order to choose the products and equipment to use (scaffolding).
  • - Cleaning, disinfection of silos and storage tanks: in order to offer the best quality of intervention, our protocols are adapted to the installations;
    • - Cleaning and disinfection with active foam
    • - Cleaning and disinfection with dry steam
    • - Disinfection of surfaces by nebulization of hydrogen peroxide.
      •  - Degreasing of furnaces and extraction networks are carried out by injections of active degreasing foam combined with the use of a pressure washer.